Why Startups Fail - East & West Edition

Event Overview

Are you curious to know why startups fail? We will explore the challenges faced by startups in different cultural and market contexts, highlighting key lessons and best practices to avoid the common pitfalls.

Event Description

Failure is the best teacher there is. 

Here's a shocking statistic for you: about 90% of startups fail! If you're running a startup, you should prepare to fail - it's unavoidable. But instead of running away from failure, why not embrace and learn from it?
Join Jeslin, Shelby, and Nancy in this discussion on why many startups fail. Based on the in-depth analysis and case studies of various failed startups from the newly launched Why Startups Fail Newsletter and the vast experience of Nancy dealing with startups.


Identify the expected and unexpected reasons why failed startups failed

Learn what mistakes to avoid

Scale your startup with some tips!

    Who Should Attend?

    Startup founders who want to scale their startups

    Entrepreneurs who are interested in delving beyond startup statistics and numbers

    The curious and the learners who want to learn from the missteps of failed startups from various industries

      Event Playback

      Meet The Speaker

      Jeslin Bay

      Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting

      As a business scaler, she has expertise in business partnerships, human resources, market entry, and business structuring in Southeast Asia. She also co-founded a fashion brand, SHINE APART, specialising in loud outerwear, stylish and yet professional pieces. Being trained in operations and organisation management,  Jeslin also conducts deep analytical dives into target subject matter, both internally and externally. Her responsibilities also include formulating frameworks and business tools to provide objective and innovative solutions to the clientele and business development.

      Shelby Tee

      Managing Partner, Blackstorm Consulting

      Based in Singapore, Shelby is always keen to explore new things, and nothing excites her more than a new challenge. Her expertise lies in corporate and product marketing, project management, business operations and crisis management.

      Having witnessed the impacts of business misalignment in tasks, units, and teams, she has a keen understanding of the importance of strategising internally by developing formalised frameworks to sync up the process and people. Her experience can help you identify the relevant stakeholders to form a continuous connection through the appropriate strategy.

      Shelby is also the Editor-In-Chief of the Why Startups Fail Newsletter brought to you by BlackStorm Consulting.  

      Nancy Ahola

      Senior Director at CMG Consulting

      Nancy is an innovative thinker with deep expertise in telecommunications, technology, consulting, government, and health care based in New York. With a proven ability to cultivate enterprise-level connections with market leaders and grow joint ventures, Nancy is top-of-the-line. ​
      ​With that being said, she is a self-directed and goal-oriented executive with strong experience driving business growth strategies, worldwide client operations and services, international market entry, and cross-functional teams to achieve long-term success.​



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