Business Series

Business Research 101

Course Overview

The course is beneficial for professionals from various industries and roles who want to enhance their strategic thinking abilities and become more effective leaders.

Course Description

    Videos: 19 Short Videos

    Course Materials:   PDF Slides & Activity Templates (Industry Experts Insights Specially Designed Program)​

    In this course, you'll discover the importance of research and how to conduct one. Whether you just want to improve your business communication skills, this course is designed to help you learn how to gather and interpret data so that it fits all of your business needs.

    It's important that you do your homework and find credible sources for your information. You'll use best practices to build a solid foundation for your business research and also find out what tools are available to help you along the way. By the end, you'll be well-versed in how to research a topic carefully and create strong findings about it. Let's get started! 

    Learning Outcomes

      How to conduct research to understand your product​

      Learn how to retrieve, analyse, interpret, and present data

      Who Should Attend?

        Business Owners who own their businesses or startups and want to gain knowledge and skills in conducting business research to inform their decision-making, understand customer needs, and identify market opportunities.

        Individuals working in market research firms, data analytics teams, or related roles who want to strengthen their understanding of research methodologies, data collection techniques, and data analysis to enhance their research capabilities.

        Course Outline

        Meet the Instructor

        BlackStorm Consulting

        BlackStorm Consulting is a Singapore-based business consultancy firm specialising in corporate strategy and market entry in Southeast Asia. We scale businesses by closing strategic gaps that hinder companies from reaching their potential. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium-sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.

        “Consulting-As-A-Hybrid Service (CAAHS)” is the term coined by our team, where we strive to provide our clients with a whole new level of experience in engaging consultants. We put our clients in control of the hiring of consultancy services, in a hybrid manner. Benefitting from the beauty of virtual services and physical execution and creating both tangible and intangible results that fast grow your business.
        We build a solid foundation for our clients across multiple layers and areas of business in an undisruptive way.



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