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Leading with Strategic Thinking: How to Become a More Strategic Thinker​

Course Overview

The course is designed to equip professionals with the skills and mindset necessary to become more strategic thinkers and leaders. This course provides participants with practical tools and techniques to enhance their strategic thinking abilities, enabling them to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and drive organizational success.

Course Description

    Videos: 10 Short Videos

    Course Materials:  PDF Slides​

    This course is about Leading with Strategic Thinking: How to Become a More Strategic Thinker and provides valuable information regarding the importance of strategic thinking, who needs it, and why. Get an edge in today’s highly competitive business world by developing strategic approaches to solving complex problems. This course will show you how to become a more strategic thinker at work, focusing on different hats and steps.

    If you’re stuck in a rut and struggling to choose the right way forward, you’re not alone. Often, we get trapped in practices that make us successful but prevent us from seizing new opportunities. To overcome this challenge, everyone must learn how to think differently—asking better questions, gathering useful information, understanding multiple perspectives, and generating creative ideas.

    Learning Outcomes

      Understand the difference between Sensitive Strivers and Strategic Thinkers

      Adjust your mindset to meet future demands rather than past expectations

      Improve strategic thinking skills and become a more strategic thinker

      Learn how to demonstrate your strategic abilities at work and in a constantly changing world

      Who Should Attend?

        Entrepreneurs who own their businesses or startups and wish to cultivate a strategic mindset to drive sustainable growth, adapt to changing market conditions, and capitalize on opportunities.

        Project Managers interested in aligning project objectives with the organization's strategic goals and make strategic decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

        Course Outline

        Meet the Instructor

        BlackStorm Consulting

        BlackStorm Consulting is a Singapore-based business consultancy firm specialising in corporate strategy and market entry in Southeast Asia. We scale businesses by closing strategic gaps that hinder companies from reaching their potential. Our clients and connections are internationally present and range from small and medium-sized businesses, MNCs, to government agencies.

        “Consulting-As-A-Hybrid Service (CAAHS)” is the term coined by our team, where we strive to provide our clients with a whole new level of experience in engaging consultants. We put our clients in control of the hiring of consultancy services, in a hybrid manner. Benefitting from the beauty of virtual services and physical execution and creating both tangible and intangible results that fast grow your business.
        We build a solid foundation for our clients across multiple layers and areas of business in an undisruptive way.



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