How to Optimise Business Finance Operations to Maintain Healthy Cashflow

Event Overview

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of managing your business finances effectively? Do you want to ensure a healthy cash flow for your organization? Join us for an insightful and practical event titled "How to Optimize Business Finance Operations to Maintain Healthy Cashflow.

Event Description

Finances are the bloodline of any business. Inefficient finance management could slow down operations that hamper business growth, ultimately disrupting the overall business. Hence, it is vital to optimise your financial operations (especially when your business is in its initial stages) by seeking advice or engaging with an experienced professional to plug up financial leakages and manage your cash flow efficiently. This can result in extra resources that you can use to grow your business further!

In this webinar, we have invited Jay Shong, CEO of Affintive, a cloud & digital CFO services firm, and Amir Shukor, Co-founder of ASFO Global Technologies with an extensive background in corporate management, finance, and investment, to share their knowledge and the best methods on how businesses can achieve optimal financial efficiency.


Best finance management practices to achieve optimal financial efficiency

Develop realistic goals and build a systematic financial management ecosystem

How to engage with Virtual CFO services to relieve the burdens of financial management to focus on growth

    Who Should Attend?

    Existing business owners looking to fill the financial holes within their operations and optimise company resources more efficiently

    New business owners and startups who seek experienced and professional help to manage their financial operations and cash flow more effectively

      Event Playback

      Meet The Speaker

      Ivan Ho

      Business Development Manager, Blackstorm Consulting

      Coming from a background in Digital Marketing with experience in the B2B Cloud SaaS Tech space, focusing on market expansion in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Ivan's main expertise lies in company growth strategies through forging mutually beneficial partnerships and lead generation campaigns. Ivan has also managed to built an extensive business network throughout his career as well as volunteering in networking organisations like Young Corporate Malaysians.

      Amir Shukor 

      Co-founder, ASFO Global Technologies

      A visionary, mission driven and experienced professional (Chartered Accountant) with collectively more than 27 years of Industry and Regulatory exposures. Has held leadership position as Director and Senior Management in various industries in Public and Private companies as well as Government agencies.​
      ​Skilled and knowledgeable in Strategic Management, Finance, Corporate Finance and Investment with current exposure in Commercialisation, Innovation & Creativity aspects of Entrepreneurship and its Capacity & Ecosystem Development activities involving Startups, Venture Capitals/Business Angels and Capacity Builders.

      Jay Shong 

      Founder and CEO, Affintive

      Jay is a qualified accountant who graduated from the University of Western Australia (UWA). He spent over 10 years of his career in Australia involving Corporate Management Accounting with Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) and a subsidiary of UMW Oil & Gas Bhd, a downstream oil and gas player.​
      ​Today, he founded Affinitive to provide Cloud Accounting Advisory & Financial Management Solutions for Australia & Malaysia startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs. His vast experience in financial control management, reporting and deep understanding of company finance department functions help businesses refine their fundamental business obligations to become well-managed.



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