Why Startups Fail Series

When is the Best Time to Launch Your Startup

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You've got a startup. You want people to talk about it, but you don't know when you should launch it. It depends on what you're doing, but in this article, we will show you exactly how to figure it out.

Building a business is more than having a good idea and the funding to execute it. It requires strong strategies, a high functioning team and good practices to succeed in the cutthroat market we are in.

Shelby Tee, Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting

What is this about?

Startup failure is inevitable, even with the most experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned investors--it's impossible to predict every possible obstacle your startup could encounter.

Pirate3D set out to change the world of 3D printing by creating an affordable and accessible solution for consumers. Offering a simple, innovative, and cost-effective way of 3D printing, it looked to build on the recent advancements in consumer 3D printing technology.

Formerly regarded as one of Singapore's most promising tech startups making waves on Kickstarter, Pirate3D has faced an unfortunate end. In this podcast, you will learn about the company's history, how it could have prevented the failure, and what you can learn from the project's mistakes.

The Article

You may get stuck at times and need guidance on continuing or simply don't know where to begin. We are here to walk you through the process and give you some success tips on how to grow your startup.


Your biggest dilemma is probably whether and when to launch your venture if you're a startup. Project the right timing and navigate your way through the small business environment.  

Many are convinced that they must wait for the perfect time to launch their startup. Often, however, it leads to procrastination which gets nothing done. Nevertheless, it is good to pen down your business idea and plan out when to launch your startup to help minimise your failure rate. Find out more in this guide to launching your startup. 

Here are some ways to help you decide if now is the right time to launch your startup.



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